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Welcome to FakeaBaby.com! Everyone loves to have a good time and great gag jokes add to the laughs. Have you ever wanted to pull a good joke over on your friends? If you have wanted to convince them that you might just be pregnant then this is the place to be! Fake a Baby has the most realistic gag gifts available anywhere on earth. Our products look so real that none of your friends will be able to tell that you are pulling a joke over on them.

Looking for the perfect gag joke to convince them you are expecting? Then be sure to have a look at our products. From the Classic Fake Pregnancy Test to the pregnancy belly it is all here and more. A few of our products that will make heads turn and your friend's gasp in disbelief are listed below.

  • Instant Fake DNA Test- This test contains two strips. Both of the strips turn blue to prove that the two individuals being tested are, in fact, a perfect DNA match.
  • Classic Style Fake Pregnancy Test- Awesome for those parties where you want to cause a stir! Each pregnancy test comes with everything you need including sterile pads, instructions, test strips and a vial for urine. All Classic Style Pregnancy Test Kits include two complete tests. Why should the fun only happen once?
  • Haven’t seen your friends in a while? Or maybe a certain guest to the party deserves a great pranked pulled on them? Then be sure to check out the pregnancy bellies. From the Fake Fabric Pregnancy Belly 38 Weeks Stage to the Silicone Fake Pregnancy Belly your gag joke will never be taken more seriously. These bellies are so life like that many still do not believe it was a joke until you actually show them the belly. There is nothing funnier than watching people’s faces when you walk in pregnant and waddling!

Be sure to visit us at Fakeababy.com for all of your pregnancy and baby gag joke gifts. These gifts are great for bachelor and bachelorette parties and even birthday and Christmas gifts! 

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